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Dharamraobaba Atram is scheduled to be launched on June, 2024. Dharamraobaba Atram” portrays the journey of a remarkable individual who rises to become the king of Aheri, a tribal state. Born into the royal family of Aheri, Dharamraobaba Atram faced adversity early in life with the untimely demise of his&nbspfather. However, through perseverance and determination, he overcomes numerous challenges to emerge victorious. The film delves into various aspects of Dharamrao’s life, highlighting the struggles and sacrifices he endures on his path to success. It underscores the central theme that achieving greatness requires relentless effort and sacrifice. Hailing from the backward regions of the state, Baba Atram’s efforts bring about significant transformations in the lives of tribal communities. His impactful initiatives and unwavering commitment lead to positive changes, touching the lives of millions in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra. A biographical journey, “Dharamraobaba Atram” encapsulates the inspiring story of a visionary leader who leaves an indelible mark on society through his dedication and service. Slogan: “Jal, Jungle aur Zameen Hamara Hai” (Water, Forest, and Land are Ours)

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